With over 30 years experience working in the theatre and entertainment industries between them, Oli, Dan and Gilles had always known there was a better way. Combining forces, their vision came to fruition as First Call Crew. In essence, we aim to provide the all-in-one solution to clients in the entertainment industry and events services throughout the UK. Providing skilled technicians is the backbone of our business, which over the years has become recognised throughout the sector. Over time, we have evolved, now providing every aspect required by Production Managers, Event Production teams, Set Builders, Theatre Managers, and Festival Organisers. By partnering with us, we aim to save you time and money, with ultimate peace of mind and reassurance your projects are in safe hands.

Case study | testimonial

CLIENT AND DATE OF WORK Stage One - Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
BRIEF/KEY MESSAGING Building a bespoke site on the beach in Cannes for Youtube.
THE WORK CARRIED OUT This started with working at Stage One in York. We built all the elements there first and then they were transported to France. These were then craned onto the beach to be constructed.
THE RESULTS/OUTCOME Successful fit up for the show.
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL This was by far the biggest and hardest project we have delivered on the beach over the last few years and the heat didn’t help matters with record temperatures of 30+ degrees! The guys’ attitude and commitment to get the project done on time through the heat, problems and just sheer size of it was amazing! Also noted not just by us but by other companies on site was how professional and helpful you were with other departments which was very nice feedback from our clients.